If you want to understand the lasting effects of colonisation, of modern greed and global capitalism, and you want it all wrapped up in a novel full of heart-stopping moments, the best and worst of humanity and the nagging feeling that something is rotten in the world, but that hope springs eternal, then this is the book for you. Cowan has the feel for the right word in the right place at the right time. He's economical and sparse, but can turn on words that flow and bite and make you wriggle with the inadequacy of your own response to the troubles of Africa, the troubles of the world. Hope a second book is being built right now. A new name. I'm buying for presents. Always a good sign.


Martin Roche

I read this book in five days, even foregoing good Saturday night TV. It normally takes me a long time to finish a book. It’s completely compelling and I found myself reading into the small hours of the morning. It’s a subject I knew nothing about, but has been so well researched with a gripping plot. Roll on the sequel and a film would be a blockbuster.


Penny Lakin

My congratulations for such a gripping factual novel covering some of the most interesting subjects which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I was gripped from beginning to end.


Elaine Carp

Excellent storyline, but more importantly an informative, and worrying, insight into African politics and the trade in conflict minerals. This is a thought-provoking book that I found hard to put down. The author uses high quality story-telling to immerse the reader in a world that most of us cannot imagine.




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